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【READY FOR SHIP】Custom wired cape set for Joytoy Warhammer 40000 1/18 Ultramarines Primarch Roboute Guilliman


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!!!!!!!Figures not included!!!!!!
!!!!!!!Figures not included!!!!!!
!!!!!!!Figures not included!!!!!!

Custom cape set for Joytoy Warhammer 40000 1/18 Ultramarines Primarch Roboute Guilliman,suitble for 1:18 action figures and a built-in iron wire for the cape.It can realize various shapes,increase the playability and appreciation of figures.


※ Note: We only sell cloth capes do not sell Figures Figures and models. Please read carefully.
💎 goods material: cotton, polyester fiber, etc.
💎Applicable to the crowd: not limited
💎Applicable scenes: collection, scene shooting, personal play, built-in wire can be freely shaped to improve the beauty of the toy figure, to provide more fun and inspiration for photo shooting.
💎As each monitor color rendering effect is not the same, so there may be a slight color difference, please subject to the actual color Oh ~
💖 received goods satisfied buyers, remember five-star reviews + photos Oh ~ hope more people share this good with you!



Note: Because it is a purely handmade products, so there are some small defects or hand

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Customer Reviews

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Clay Nguyen
it will be great if the video how to wear it more clear

I just dont know how you snapped the figure in half to put on the robe thinggy

I'll upload a how-to video on the link later

Mario Scalas
Makes Guilliman really look like a space Roman Emperor!

Wow, I did not expect Guilliman to be completely changing personality - from a warrior fighting with Emperor's Sword to statesman trying to save the Imperium with strategy and cunning, resorting to military option only when required. This is more close to the real Guilliman, but with this cape we really have an option!

It is amazing - I am really happy for the result!


Guilliman in this cape looks fantastic.

Brian Fish

I never received it